Dissolved / Nonima - Foil Splinters
[Experimental, Glitch, Techno, Downtempo]
Scottish producers Dissolved and Nonima - although separated by a large puddle called the Atlantic - met amongst the ether of the internet and after a handful of remixes and releases via the Section 27 and Daddy Tank labels, they finally teamed up and produced this new prescription for the masses. Foil Splinters starts working immediately after the initial dosage, and sets off feelings of deja vu to times you were a kid, but with sinister wooden pegasuses licking your face for those polo mints in your pocket. Its' addictive properties and side effects are currently unknown. Spread the medicine.

01 Fermentation  
02 Ferromagnetic Fawn  
03 Ionic Lure 
04 Pelagic Majesty
05 Spirit Gaging 
06 Blacklight Manta Flooder  
07 Nonima: Ericht [Dissolved Broken Tessellation Mix] 

08 Poploch 
09 Ericht  
10 Lateral  
11 Mefrac [V2]  
12 Serotonin 
13 Fankle  
14 Dissolved: Pelagic Majesty [Nonima Remix] 

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