[S27-073] Masochistic\Values - The Moon
(Downtempo, Ambient, Lo-fi, Psychedelic)


Masochistic Values is a Chicago based producer that has been creating music using nothing more than Garageband since 2007. "The Moon" is his third release on S27, utilising his blend of luscious synths, chimes and throbbing kicks interspersed with interludes of piercing industrial clangs, drone, steam, feedback and guitars, Masochistic Values uses these shifting extremes to create music that is itself psychedelic, beautiful and dreamlike with a foreboding sense of menace.

01 Cruel Joke, Laugh, Sigh
02 Pathetos (remix)
03 Cut, Bleed, Scab, Scar
04 The Moon
05 The Sun
06 Leah
07 Anatomy Of Love
08 Tested, Bested, Try Again
09 Sin, Taste, Tax (Broke Off Flesh)
10 Space Garbage (Owls)
11 Slipstream Dreams
12 Tasted Waste


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